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For US customers

August 1

Trade tariffs between the UK and the USA have increased the cost of posting from the UK to the USA. We would advise customers based in the USA that the most cost effective way to obtain our books - particularly the Erimem books - is through Amazon. That may change in future if the tariffs are dropped but for now, Amazon is the most cost effective route.

Erimem - Sacrifice delayed

July 31

What was scheduled to be the next Erimem title, Sacrifice, has had to be delayed due to Covid-19. Work commitments related to the virus have meant that the author of the book, Beth Jones, has been too busy to complete the small revisions. Rachel Blake has also been granted an extension for her forthcoming title for the same reason. Sacrifice will now appear in late September or early October. To fill the gap, late August will see the publication of Erimem - The Jewels of Cleopatra (and Other Exciting Adventures).

Erimem ebook bundle reduced

02 April 2020

While everyone is locked at home, we've decided to reduce the price of the Erimem ebook bundle by 20%, so that you can now get 14 books for just £40.

Erimem finds Absolution

29 March 2020

Another adventure for Erimem, former companion of the Fifth DOCTOR WHO, is now available.

Far in the future, a fleet of ships emerges from hiding intent on burning the universe...


Erimem finds her planned holiday interrupted by space battles, an old friend dealing with trauma, a priest with a Messiah complex and a horde of carnivorous aliens...


On top of all of that, she seems to have accidentally got herself a boyfriend, and he's got some questions that need answered...

The book is available in paperback and ebook editions. The hardback and Large Print Edtitions will follow in April 2020.

Stay safe

27 March 2020

Covid-19 is brutal thing and it kills. Please everybody stay safe, avoid infection and do what you can to make sure you stay safe. Stay at home, watch movies, read books, skype your loved ones, but most of all... be safe.

New hardbacks available

01 March 2020

Five new hardback editions of Erimem's adventures in space and time are now available. The titles are on their individual pages.

Erimem 14 book bundles

January 1 2020

The first 14 books in the Erimem series featuring the Fifth Doctor Who's former companion - and one-time Pharaoh, Erimem. The books take her on adventures all through space and time with her new friends and even some distant family.

Books included are:
The Last Pharaoh
The Beast of Stalingrad
Angel of Mercy
Into the Unknown
Prime Imperative
All I Want for Christmas
Churchill's Castle
Threee Faces of Helena
Return of the Queen
The Egyptian Falcon
The Death of Empire
The Way of the Bry'Hunee
Death on the Waves

These books are in paperback or ebook format.

Two new Erimem titles

December 30 2019

Another adventure for Erimem, former companion of the Fifth DOCTOR WHO.


DEATH ON THE WAVES by Iain McLaughlin drop Erimem and her friends into a murder mystery on an ocean liner in 1934... where everyone has a secret... one of the passengers more than the others...

Two new Erimem titles

30 December 2019

Erimem, former companion of the FIFTH DOCTOR WHO returns in two new titles.


THE WAY OF THE BRY'HUNEE by Tim Gambrell takes Erimem and her friends to the heart of a war on a desert planet.

Erimem's Russian Revolution - The Death of Empire is now available

16 December 2018

The latest adventure for Erimem takes her to Russia twice, at the dawn and at the end of the Revolution. She meets two brothers intent on surviving the Great War and making Russia a great nation. She also meets violence and faces the need to keep history on track, no matter the cost.

Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes

15 October, 2018

The first two releases in a new series of horror influenced novels are now available. THE HEART OF FRANKENSTEIN and SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE CURSED OF BROKENSHORE are now available as paperbacks, ebooks and in Large Print Format. More books, beginning with CURSE OF THE MUMMY, will follow soon.

Erimem goes Hollywood - The Egyptian Falcon is available

9 October, 2018

THE EGYPTIAN FALCON, the latest adventure for Erimem, former companion to the FIFTH DOCTOR WHO, takes her not only back to Hollywood, but links her with a low budget adventure movie more closely than she would have imagined possible. Ancient artefacts, Nazis and a hard-boiled detective are also along for the ride as Erimem pursues THE EGYPTIAN FALCON.

Erimem - The Chronicles of Mars

13 April 2018

Jim Mortimore's long-planned Erimem novel A Pharaoh of Mars is nearing completion. The story of this trip to an alien world has grown since we originally announced it, and so it now forms the first book in an Erimem event series, The Chronicles of Mars, which will be made up of three novels, all by Jim Mortimore. A Pharaoh of Mars will be followed by Goddess of Mars and then Legions of Mars. You can find out more on The Chronicles of Mars page or on the A Pharaoh of Mars page.

Erimem bundle offers

1 February 2018

You can make big savings by buying bundles of the Erimem books. You can get all ten ebooks for £30 or eight printed books for £40. The other printed versions are available exclusively through Amazon. Make big savings and join Erimem's adventures now.

Erimem - Return of the Queen now available

5 January 2018

The latest adventure for Erimem is now available in paperback, ebook and large print format. Erimem finds herself drawn back to ancient Egypt, though she is not quite herself when she gets there. Not only does she have to save Egypt she has to protect her family while she is there. Expanded from an episode of Imagination Theatre's 'Kerides the Thinker' series  in which Erimem made a guest appearance.

Large Print Editions now available

4 January 2018

For those who require books with larger type, our first collections of Large Print Format books are now available. All of our Erimem titles are now available as Large Print titles along with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes books and all of Jane Austen's books. More titles will be available in the coming weeks and months.

Auld Acquaintance - free short story

29 December 2017

A new short story, Auld Acquaintance, is available free now, either to read on the site or download as a PDF. Not surprisingly given the title, it's set at New Year. Returning to Earth for a party, Erimem and Andy find their journey interrupted and the future taking them by surprise...

Free festive short

18 December 2017

As a Christmas gift from us, complete with a Christmas card, a little character piece featuring Erimem, the Fifth Doctor Who's former companion. It's Louise Blaine's first published work. We hope to hear more from her in future.

She Who Must Be Obeyed and Allan Quatermain

27 October 2017

After crossing swords with Erimem in Three Faces of Helena, Ayesha - She Who Must Be Obeyed - has returned to Thebes in reprints of some of her classic novels. Hot on her heels is Allan Quatermain, some of whose classic adventures are also reprinted. We also have plans for a new Allan Quatermain novel late in 2018.

£2.99 offer

26 October 2017

For a few weeks you can try the first of Erimem's new adventures, the novel THE LAST PHARAOH, for just £2.99 plus postage. Why not give it a go? Join Erimem's New Adventures today.

Fu-Manchu comes to Thebes

updated 24 October, 2017

Legendary villain Fu-Manchu has arrived at Thebes Publishing with the re-release of the first three Sax Rohmer novels featuring the Devil Doctor himself.


He was accurate with his promise... The world shall hear from him again...

Erimem 2018 Schedule

15 October 2017

We're finalising plans for Erimem's 2018 releases. You can see how our favourite Pharaoh's year is shaping up and there's a chance tosubscribe to the first three novellas of 2018 to get free postage in the UK and reduced postage overseas.

UK, US, EU Customer hardback offers

24 September 2017

UK Customers can now order all six Erimem hardbacks for £90 post free. That's a 10% discount on top of being post free. US and EU customers also get the 10% discount plus reduced postage. We're currently working on offers for our other customers.

Three Faces of Helena now available

29 August 2017

The latest Erimem adventure, Three Faces of Helena, is now available from Thebes Publishing's site.

10 September 2017 update

The Large Print and Hardback editions are now also available.

A Pharaoh of Mars excerpt and update

29 August 2017

A look at a rough cover and excerpts from Jim Mortimore's forthcoming Erimem novel, A Pharaoh of Mars.

Large Print and Hardback Editions

21 August 2017 updated 31 August 2017

We have had several requests for Hardback and Large Print Editions of our ERIMEM books. Responding to those requests, HARDBACK versions are available HERE and LARGE PRINT FORMAT books are available HERE.

Free Erimem short story by Jim Mortimore

12 December 2016

JIm Mortimore, author of the forthcoming Erimem novel A Pharaoh of Mars, as well as novels based on Babylon 5, Cracker and many Doctor Who universe titles has written a fascinating short story for Erimem...

Behind the Masque

29 October 2016

The scripts for the radio and stage versions of the Halloween play Behind the Masque as now available in this book, exclusively from

ERIMEM:Buccaneer... now available

20 August 2016

The latest Erimem adventure, BUCCANEER, is now available for purchase from the Thebes Publishing website.

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon scriptbook

14 May 2016

The scriptbook of the classic 1940s movie, Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon, is now available.

13 May 2016

Thebes Editor-in-Chief Iain McLaughlin has been giving writing workshops, which have touched on his various works in Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. This short blog explains the reasons for the book accompanying the workshops.

Raffles and Oz arrive

13 May 2016

The next set of classic titles has now been released. Details are in The Classic Collection section. Included in the set are the first of L Frank Baum's Oz books and all four of E.W. Hornung's classic Raffles books. We have a number of other titles released as well. Pope over there and have a look.

A bit of fun

17 July 2015

To amuse ourselves while we were planning the Erimem books we put a little trailer together... and here it is...

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