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Erimem - The Jewels of Cleopatra

The latest adventure for Erimem, former companion of the Fifth Doctor Who is now available from Thebes Publishing.


The Jewels of Cleopatra


To escape the miseries of 2020, Erimem and her friends return to 1940, but are soon caught up with a movie director who has made a bad deal with the Mob...


Three hundred years earlier, a deal has been done which requires Erimem to go into battle...


And three thousand years before that, Erimem must return home to visit an old friend...


Erimem and her friends are sent through time and space on a quest for the Jewels of Cleopatra.

Hardback and large print editions will be available in early 2022.

Erimem - back on audio

After a decade away from audio, Erimem is returning in three audio dramas based on novels in Thebes' Publishing's series of novels about our favourite time travelling Pharaoh.

The plays are being produced by BBV and are available for pre-order on their site.

The three stories are:

The Beast of Stalingrad

Prime Imperative

Churchill's Castle

The plays will be available in early 2022.

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Erimem - schedule change


What was scheduled to be the next Erimem title, Sacrifice, has had to be delayed due to Covid-19. Work commitments related to the virus have meant that the author of the book, Beth Jones, has been too busy to complete the revisions. Rachel Blake has also been granted an extension for her forthcoming title for the same reason.


The Jewels of Cleopatra and Never Die Twice will now be the next titles in the series, followed by Sacrifice and then Retribution.


Erimem 14 book bundles

The first 14 books in the Erimem series featuring the Fifth Doctor Who's former companion - and one-time Pharaoh, Erimem. The books take her on adventures all through space and time with her new friends and even some distant family.

Books included are:
The Last Pharaoh
The Beast of Stalingrad
Angel of Mercy
Into the Unknown
Prime Imperative
All I Want for Christmas
Churchill's Castle
Three Faces of Helena
Return of the Queen
The Egyptian Falcon
The Death of Empire
The Way of the Bry'Hunee
Death on the Waves

These books are in paperback or ebook format.

A Pharaoh of Mars excerpt

A look at a rough cover and excerpts from Jim Mortimore's forthcoming Erimem novel, A Pharaoh of Mars.

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