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Revisiting Rejected and Abandoned Scripts

Iain McLaughlin; edited by Julianne Todd


Not every script or story idea makes it into production. There are far more reasons for a story not to be made than for it to actually see production. Iain McLaughlin, who has written for, amongst others, James Bond, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Blake's 7 revisits more than half a dozen scripts and proposals, giving background to the creation of the stories, explaining why the stories were ultimately rejected or abandoned, and revisiting them with fresh eyes some years later to give an honest opinion of his earlier work and to offer some suggestions and amendments to improve the stories. His essays on the stories are full of valuable information, advice and hints for aspiring writers.


Stories include

The Point of No Return

The Last Chance

A Stitch in Time (a Doctor Who proposal for Big Finish)

Time Heals All Things (BBV)

The Celestial Toymakers (a Doctor Who proposal for Big Finish)

Cold Comfort (a Doctor Who proposal for Big Finish)

Kill or Cure (BBV)


Available exclusively from Amazon in both ebook and printed form.

£14.99 GB

$19.99 US



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