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Kerides the Thinker

The Collected Scripts, Volume 2


Egypt, 276BC


Kerides, a young Greek student lives in Egypt’s capital city,

Alexandria, pursuing his studies. With the help of former slave, Adrea, Kerides finds that intrigue and mysteries have an 

unfortunately regular habit of interrupting his studies.


Kerides and Adrea also find their relationship changing and evolving into something  more than just companionship as they investigate murders, conspiracies, vicious ex-wives and the walking dead as well as delve into Adrea’s past to find the truth about the family she never knew...


...and then there’s the small matter of a wedding...


These scripts are episodes 9 - 15 of the popular 

Imagination Theater radio series, Kerides The Thinker, and each script is accompanied by notes by the writers.


Available in print and as an ebook from Amazon.



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