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About us

Thebes Publishing is an ambitious small press publisher based in Dundee in Scotland. As our logo states, small press, big ideas. We officially opened our doors on January 1st, 2015, though we hard been doing some testing and experimentation during 2014.


Science fiction and horror will form the bulk of our output for 2015 and 2016, though we have exciting plans to begin adding crime and fantasy fiction to our list during 2016.


Our first major range takes us into the universe of DOCTOR WHO with a series of novel and short story adventures for ERIMEM, former companion of the Fifth Doctor. It seems that Erimem doesn't need a TARDIS to continue adventures.


Thebes will also be publishing non fiction books within the genre market.


We are working with a number of well known names on some thrilling new projects but part of Thebes Publishing's remit is to find and work with new writing and artistic talent. Every year we will seek to publish novels and short stories by previously unpublished authors, and we will also set aside covers to be illustrated by artists also making their debut.

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