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Thebes Publishing is dedicated to bringing the best books to its audience. We are also dedicated to working with the finest creative talent available, both those who are established and those talents who have yet to be published.


Part of the remit of Thebes Publishing is to find and nurture new talent. Therefore, we have an open door policy on submissions. There are guidelines on submitting, however.


Writers - please send a synopsis with covering letter, NOT your entire manuscript. We are a small publisher. We don't have time to read full novels sent on spec - and they will be deleted unread. That sounds harsh, but a synopsis should be enough to let us know if the book is something we would be interested in doing.


Artists - please send only a few sample pages with a covering letter. Please don't send us your entire portfolio in the first instance. We should be able to work out from your samples if you and Thebes are a good fit. If we need to see more of your work we will contact you and request it. 


Please remember that we are a publisher working in science fiction, horror and crime. If your work is outside of those genres, your chances of success may be better at a publisher specialising in the genre you are working in.


Send submissions to:




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