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The John Buchan Collection



One of the most popular adventures novels of the 20th Century.


Having returned to Britain after years in Rhodesia, Richard Hannay finds himself caught up in a plot to drag Europe - and the world - into a terrible war. Falsely accused of murder, Hannay goes on the run, intent on uncovering a vicious group of German spies, and of unravelling the mystery of the 39 Steps...


John Buchan’s classic, influential thriller has been adapted for radio, screen and stage on numerous occasions and led to several sequels featuring Hannay.




The second Richard Hannay thriller...


While the Great War rages in Europe attention turns to a German plan to infiltrate the Middle East and destabilise the region by seeding religious unrest. Richard Hannay, hero of The 39 Steps, must undertake a perilous journey through enemy-held territories in the region to stop the German plan in its tracks.


Richard Hannay’s second adventure easily matches the first for thrills and excitement.




The third Richard Hannay adventure, following The 39 Steps and Greenmantle.


Brigadier-General Richard Hannay is recalled from duty on the Western Front to undertake a deadly, secret mission... tracking down and eliminating a German agent at large in Britain. From there he must travel deep into the Swiss Alps to prevent all of Europe from being overwhelmed by the might of the German army.


Richard Hannay


Three novels featuring the adventures Richard Hannay beginning with his first appearance in the classic thriller ‘The Thirty Nine Steps’, and following his exploits through the Great War. Often cited as an inspiration for 007, James Bond, Richard Hannay’s escapades continue to thrill new readers a century after his first appearance. Three complete novels written by Hannay’s creator John Buchan.







More titles are currently in preparation


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