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Submissions window open

Thebes Publishing is open to submissions for new books.


What are we looking for?


In fiction we are mostly looking for Crime, Science Fiction and

Horror but if you write in a different genre and you have a great

story we're happy to look at that, too. We're interested in engaging,

original stories with strong, interesting characters. We want you

to tell your story and grab the reader's attention. We want you to

tell the story in your own way, in your style.


For non-fiction, we're open to your ideas. Biographies, programme guides, fact books, quiz books... we're particularly looking for books with a link to science fiction (TV, film or literature), horror and crime, but if your idea is interesting, the genre doesn’t matter. If it’s engaging, we’re interested in taking a look at it.


If you worry that your book’s a bit left-field… don’t worry. Send us your proposal anyway. Thebes Publishing is interested in letting creative people create. You don’t have to be already published and you don’t need to be agented… you just need to have an idea.


What do we want to see?


To begin with, an outline proposal of no more than two A4 pages. Two pages should be plenty of space for you to get your idea across. For fiction, give an outline of the story, an idea of the characters and what their journey is. For non-fiction, just a basic precis of what your book will be, with as much detail as you consider relevant, but please keep it to within two A4 pages.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Send your submissions to


Iain McLaughlin

Editor in Chief, Thebes Publishing

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