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Erimem: Into The Unknown

Not final artwork

Open for submissions


Erimem is living in London in 2015, and is enrolled at a London university where she can learn about her new home as well as surreptitiously help historians understand artefacts from her own time.


But Erimem has a second part of her life. After The Last Pharaoh, she now has access to a limited capacity for travel through time and space, and with her new friends she has the urge to explore.


Into The Unknown charts her early travels through time and space, taking her to the past, to the future, to distant worlds and to some places closer to home. The link between these trips is they lead into the most perilous and terrifying situations Erimem has ever known, taking her into danger, into fear, into the unknown.


A number of the slots for stories in this anthology are still available. You can take Erimem anywhere you like, though we would suggest avoiding ancient Egypt. The stories can be in whatever style you choose – as long as they are scary. Erimem and her friends are going into the unknown – so make it scary… make it very scary.


We are opening our doors to submissions for this anthology from professional writers and from untried new talent. Stories will be no more than 6,000 words. Please send a short synopsis of your idea rather than the completed story to by the deadline of July 15th 2015. The selected submissions will be informed within 4 weeks. Please do not send complete stories at this stage, they will not be read. The deadline for final draft of the stories will be September 10, 2015.



03 July, 2015

Thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in pitching a story. Because of the interest we're extending the deadline to July 31st 2015 to let everyone get their stories sent in.


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