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Sherlock Holmes Large Print Editions

Returning injured from Afghanistan, former Army Doctor John Watson is introduced to the extraordinary figure, the world’s only consulting detctive, Sherlock Holmes.


Watson becomes Holmes’ flatmate, friend and assistant in what would become the first extraordinary case in a long and astonishing career.


This is where the legend of Sherlock Holmes begins: his first case... A Study in Scarlet.

In the second Sherlock Holmes novel, Mary Morstan arrives at Baker Street with a perplexing case for Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.


Treasure has been stolen and lives have been lost in a mystery stretching from London back to the Indian Mutiny of 1857.


Holmes seeks to unravel a tale of mystery and betrayal to find the truth behind the murders and the lost treasure.

For centuries a hellish demonic hound has haunted the Baskerville family, damning them to  early and violent deaths.


The most famous and celebrated case of Sherlock Holmes’ long and distinguished career pits the master detective against the legend of the Hound, as he tries to solve the murder of Sir Charles Baskerville in time to save his heir, Sir Henry, from a similar fate.

Sherlock Holmes faces a baffling case in London, but the mystery links back to a brutal secret society guilty of horrific crimes across the world.


Holmes must unravel the link between the society and the murder before more lives are lost...


...and he must discover the exact nature of the involvement of Professor James Moriarty....

First appearing in The Strand magazine from 1891-1892, it was The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes which made the Baker Street detective an international phenomenon.


Twelve extraordinary cases:

A Scandal in Bohemia; The Red-Headed League; The Case of Identity; The Boscombe Valley Mystery; The Five Orange Pips; The Man with the Twisted Lip; The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle; The Adventure of the Speckled Band; The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb; The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor; The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet; The Adventure of the Copper Beaches

First appearing in The Strand magazine from 1893-1894,  The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes brings the Great Detective into conflict with arch foe, Professor Moriarty, and was intended to be Holmes’ final cases.


Twelve extraordinary cases: 

Silver Blaze; The Cardboard Box; The Yellow Face; The Stockbroker’s Clerk; The ‘Gloria Scott’; The Musgrave Ritual; The Reigate Squire; The Crooked Man; The Resident Patient; The Greek Interpreter; The Naval Treaty; The Final Problem

First appearing in The Strand magazine from 1903-1904,  The Return of Sherlock Holmes brings the legendary Great Detective back to London after his apparrent death at the Reichenbach Falls.


Thirteen extraordinary cases:

The Empty House; The Norwood Builder; The Dancing Men; The Solitary Cyclist; The Priory School; Black Peter; Charles Augustus Milverton; The Six Napoleons; The Three Students; The Golden Pince-Nez; The Missing Three-Quarter; The Abbey Grange; The Second Stain

The stories containg in His Last Bow first appeared in in The Strand magazine from 1908-1917.


Eight extraordinary cases:

Wisteria Lodge; The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans; The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot; The Adventure of the Red Circle; The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax; The Adventure of the Dying Detective; His Last Bow: The War Service of Sherlock Holmes; The Adventure of the Cardboard Box

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