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Who is Erimem?

Born around 1450BC, Erimem was the third of four children and only daughter to Pharaoh Amenhotep II. A mix of war and betrayal left Erimem the only survivor of her family and heir to the throne of Egypt. 


After fighting off an attack my enemies of Egypt and treachery from within her own palace, Erimem discovered that she was never destined to be Pharaoh of Egypt and travelled through time and space with her friends, the Doctor and Peri. 


Though never trained to rule, Erimem is a natural leader. She is inquisitive, loyal and eager to travel and learn. She is a gifted warrior but doesn't take killing lightly.


Erimem's previous appearances


Big Finish Audio Plays

The Eye of the Scorpion

No Place Like Home

The Church and the Crown


The Axis of Insanity

The Roof of the World

Three's a Crowd

The Council of Nicaea

The Veiled Leopard

The Kingmaker

Son of the Dragon

The Mind's Eye

The Bride of Peladon


Imagination Theater Radio Play

Kerides The Thinker: Return of the Queen



The Coming of the Queen


Telos Novella

Blood and Hope


Short Stories

Graham Dilley Saves The World (Short Trips: Past Tense)

The Gangster's Story (Short Trips: Repercussions)

Far Away in a Manger (Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas)




Erimem's adventures with the Doctor are available from Big Finish Productions, as is a prequel novel, The Coming of the Queen.


The play Return of the Queen is available from Imagination Theater. The script for that story can be found in Kerides the Thinker: The Collected Scripts - Volume One.


Blood And Hope and the Short Trips anthologies are currently out of print.


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