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1001 Completely Random Doctor Who Facts

by Claire Bartlett


Do you know when 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi was originally invited to test for the role?

Do you know who designed the Cybermen?

Or which professional teams Matt Smith played football for?

Or what links H Rider Haggard with the Third Doctor?

Or which villainous henchman was actually an opera singer?


This book is packed with 1001 facts about DOCTOR WHO, the world’s longest running science fiction programme. As well as covering the TV show, there are facts about the Doctor’s adventures in print, on audio, at the cinema and in the theatre. Even the most hardened fan will find there are some facts in here they didn’t know about DOCTOR WHO.




ISBN 978-1-910868-02-7




Available post free in the UK when bought together with The Ultimate Doctor Who Fan Quiz Book. Overseas customers get reduced postage when buying both.


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