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Erimem: All I Want for Christmas

A Christmas collection by Daniel McGachey, Beth Jones, Claire Bartlett and Iain McLaughlin


‘Dark things may yet be coming for you, Erimemushinteperem, for you have been noticed.’


Christmas is a time for peace, love and goodwill... but it can also be a time of melancholy, of loneliness... and it can be a time of incredible danger.


As Erimem and her friends prepare for the holidays, Earth comes under attack, the lonely are targeted and a ghost story for Christmas may contain more than just a story...


Available now from Amazon.


Ebook available now from Amazon or direct from Thebes Publishing.


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A hardback edition, also featuring the novella CHURCHILL'S CASTLE, is available priced £16.99.

Large Print

A Large Print Edition is available from AMAZON priced £8.99 (UK) or £9.99 (US).

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