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The Collected Scripts: Volume One


Egypt, 276BC


Kerides, a penniless young Greek student arrives in Egypt’s capital city, Alexandria, seeking to pursue his studies. With the help, occasional hindrance and regular insults of former slave, Adrea, Kerides finds that murders and mysteries have a regular habit of interrupting his studies.


Together, they face merciless assassins,  brutal ancient cults, betrayal, an attack on Egypt itself and a marketplace fortune teller claiming to be the reincarnation of an uncrowned pharaoh… and the strange thing is, she seems to be telling the truth. They even manage to find time for a trip to the fabled Library of Alexandria, only to find that the librarian had been checked out for good.


These scripts are episodes 1-8 of the popular Imagination Theater radio series, Kerides The Thinker, and each script is accompanied by notes by the writers.


The double-length Episode 8, Return of the Queen, features the uncrowned Pharaoh Erimem.


Kerides the Thinker available now for £9.99


Ebook version available from Amazon


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