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Classes and Workshops for all levels from beginners to advanced writers.

Classes cover writing Short Stories, Novels, Screenwriting and writing for Radio.

All classes use a mixture of workshops and written exercises along with individual feedback, insight, advice from an experienced, award-winning author and scriptwriter.


A class teaching the basics of writing: leading you through the technical points of characterisation, plotting, pacing, structure and style, which are needed in the creation of a story. TEN 2-hour evening classes.



A more advanced class for those who have been through the ‘Introduction’ course or who are ready to begin work on their novel. The novel will be developed with feedback from an experienced novelist and editor. You will also receive advice on how to sell your novel. SIXTEEN 2-hour evening classes.



Again, a more advanced class, ideal for those who have been through the ‘Introduction’ course. You will work on creating a short story. The story will be developed under the eye of an experienced writer and editor of short stories. All short stories will be included in an anthology published and made available to the public by Thebes Publishing. TEN 2-hour evening classes.



A ten week course on writing for TV and radio covering the technical aspects of creating a story as well as helping you find creative solutions to make your script the best it can be. TEN 2-hour evening classes.



A short course covering the discipline of writing creatively for radio. The course uses will be led by a writer of more than fifty produced radio plays, who will offer invaluable first hand experience and advice. SIX 2-hour evening classes.


Each course will also be available as a concentrated one or two day workshop which will run several times each year. Courses will also be available online.

Our classes


Guest authors and script writers

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