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Erimem: The Beast of Stalingrad

News of a new title coming in our Erimem range of adventures.

A novella by Iain McLaughlin

In 2015, Erimem is surprised by meeting an elderly woman who reminds her of a meeting in Russia, long ago.

Looking at her timeline, Erimem is intrigued by evidence that at some point in her life, she visits the Nazi-besieged city of Stalingrad in 1942. Against the advice of her friends, Erimem travels back through time to discover what happened in Russia during the war.

With German forces relentlessly bombarding the city, the people are freezing and starving... and worse, there are stories of a demon or a beast, stalking the ruined streets of Stalingrad, devouring anyone it meets.

When Erimem arrives she finds a city under attack both from the invading German armies and from a dark force in the shadows.

A novella, available August 2015

Due to lower page count and lower cover price, this is not part of the three book Erimem subscription deal.

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