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Sherlock Holmes: The Cursed of Brokenshore


A novel by Iain McLaughlin

"Watson, the dead are walking in Brokenshore."

A small English town with a dark history seeks help from famed consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

The dead are not at rest in Brokenshore, their graves ripped open and the dead are seen walking. Locals fear a voodoo curse has been visited on their town.

Only Sherlock Holmes can solve the mystery plaguing The Cursed of Brokenshore.

Adapted from the Imagination Theatre radio play by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett

Paperback £ 7.99

Ebook £3.99

Also available from Amazon.


The script of the radio version of THE CURSED OF BROKENSHORE is available in THE HEART OF FRANKENSTEIN scriptbook.

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