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Erimem - The Last Pharaoh Hardback Edition

Erimem - The Last Pharaoh Hardback Edition

Hardback edition of the first new Erimem novel. 

After a freak electrical storm which seems to happen indoors, a young woman is found in the Egyptian exhibit of a London museum, and she appears to look exactly like the face on the death-mask of the uncrowned Pharaoh Erimem…

What is she doing inside the exhibit? How did she get there? Is she really a Pharaoh from 1400BC? And just who is willing to search time and space to find and assassinate her?

Erimem and a group of 21st century students are sent far into the past, to Actium in Greece where Erimem meets the famed Cleopatra VII on the eve of a vital battle which could end Egypt’s existence as a free country and condemn it to life as a Roman province. Two great rulers of Egypt come into conflict over what Egypt needs to do in order to survive, and both Erimem and Cleopatra face their own personal battles for survival.

The first new adventure for Erimem, former companion of the Fifth Doctor Who.
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