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'Of all the creatures that walk or crawl or swim or fly, only one was not created

by God. The vampire alone was borne of Satan and is cursed to live without

the blessing of the Lord.'

Brother Merrick de Carnac, 1189 AD

There have been vampires for thousands of years, hiding in the darkness, emerging only to attack and feed before returning to the shadows.


Until now.


The vampires are moving, planning. Even the oldest of their number has heeded the call. Who is behind this sudden change? What are the vampires planning? Who can stop the vampires from dominating the world?

'When a dark shroud covers the Earth, a maid shall come, so pure that she casts

no shadow, and she shall lead the battle unto the light.'

Brother Merrick de Carnac, 1189 AD

Mankind's fate lies in the hands of a small group of people tasked with finding the vampires, discovering their plan and stopping the vampires from over-running the world.


Pathologist Thomas Lees, ex British Army Sergeant George Fisk. and a young woman known only as Rebecca are all that stand between humanity and Hell manifesting itself on Earth, but standing in the way of evil will cost each of them dearly.


BAD BLOOD tells the story of this epic battle against the vampires and the story of the vampires themselves, from the first of their kind to the last, over twelve novellas, each told by a different character.


Vampires are real. Believe it.

The Novellas

The twelve novellas will be released one a month and can be purchased from Amazon or from our shop. Ebooks are also available both from Amazon and from our shop. Our shop also has options to subscribe to the entire twelve book run at a reduced rate.

Available now


ebook £2.99



by Iain McLaughlin, BAD BLOOD created by Daniel McGachey and Iain McLaughlin


A serial killer is stalking the Southern states and Dallas police pathologist Thomas Lees is haunted by nightmares of being the victim of these brutal murders. His nightmares lead him to a mysterious young woman who is somehow closely linked to the murders, and also leads him to terrible and unbelievable truth...


...vampires are real...


...and they are on the move.


AVAILABLE NOW from for $6.99 and for £5.99. Also available as an ebook from Amazon and from our shop.

Coming soon



by Iain McLaughlin, BAD BLOOD created by Daniel McGachey and Iain McLaughlin


A warrior leading the battle against the vampires, Rebecca has links to integral momenbts in the history of the vampires...


How is she linked to a peasant girl in 17th Century Rome, to Gregor Corsini and to the most powerful vampire of them all?




by Iain McLaughlin, BAD BLOOD created by Daniel McGachey and Iain McLaughlin


For over a thousand years, Gregor Corsini roamed the world.


One of the oldest vampires, one of the most powerful, one of the most vicious.


Corsini has played a pivotal role in Europe's history... and in Rebecca's...

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